About us

Hej! I’m Jessa. The human who is owned by the cats here at Purrito.

For me, the decision to breed cats was an easy one. There is little that means more to me in my life than my darling cats. Growing up in the country with a father who is a vet, a mother who is a crazy animal lover, and many, many animals (Burmese cats, stray cats, a chocolate labrador, guinea pigs, fish, etc.) it was only a matter of time that I decided to help give back to this world I love so much. Having a number of Burmese litters at home with the help of our friend and breeder, the magic and awe of the breeding process stuck with me throughout my life. I breed because I love the cats–I want to further and improve the breeds and share this lifechanging joy and love with others.

I moved to the enchanting landscape of northern Sweden midsommar 2012 from Canada. By my side came my trusted and dear cat, Rusty. Luckily, the fact that there is no quarantine for animals between Canada and Sweden (due to well controlled rabies on both sides) made it possible for us to come and enjoy, and learn about this beautiful country. I was acquired by my first Devon Rex in Sweden; it was a wonderful introduction to yet another cat breed that is impossible not to love. In addition to breeding, I’m particularly interest in training. Now, before you laugh too hard, my cats are known for their ability to high-five, come on a dog whistle, fetch, and walk on leash, among other things. It is my experience that with positive training, understanding and patience, training of cats is quite possible! That includes the elimination of most behavioural problems related to environment.

I am very interested in cat coat genetics (colour and patterns). It’s hard to say exactly when it started; probably sitting on my parents bed as a young girl while our sable tortie burmese (called brown tortie here in Europe, BUR f) popped out a rainbow of kittens (yes, she chose the middle of the bed for that litter). I’ll also never forget seeing my first platinum tortie burmese (called lilac tortie here in Europe, BUR j) (who also happened to be a Canadian Grand Champion before she left show life and came to live with my family for her last litter and her true retirement). Lady Lavinda of Strathkirk is truly a breathtaking cat. I find coat genetics to be a fascinating subject, and there’s still much for us to learn! One of my favourite thought provoking questions about coat genetics is: theoretically, if you could clone a tortie, what colour would she be? You’ll find the answer here.

Because I make a special bond with each and every kitten from Purrito, it is important for me to find forever homes for them which are full of love. I expect the cats to be treated like family members, with boundless love, attention and care for their health. I like to stay in touch with those who have the joy being owned by one of the cats I’ve bred–I’m interested in their lives, making new cat-interested friends (meaning you!) and offering support in any way I can. I do not believe in restricting the use of an animal once I am no longer owner, although if a cat is not to be bred following SVERAK’s rules, I strongly recommend castration/spaying for the benefit of both the cat and your family. I am a strong believer in maintaining a healthy cattery as well as emotionally healthy breeding animals, and as such am in full support of finding local co-owners (fodervärd) for cats I wish to use in my breeding program.

I am active in continuing education about cats and breeding.  I have completed the following PawPed’s coures:


If you’re interested in a kitten and/or in becoming a “co-owner” (fodervärd), send me an email, Facebook message or give me a call! Even if you just want to have a little cat-chat or come over for a visit, drop me a line! I’m always happy to offer the cats more socialization and discuss training strategies! På svenska går bra också så klart!

/ Jessa