SE*Purrito Busybee

Busybee will be a member of the Häggström Jeppsson family!

Sex: M

Pedigree: SVERAK Stamtavla

EMS: DRX n 21 32

Blood type: ?

Busybee is just a delight!  He was born on the move, and hasn’t stopped since.  He reminds me so much of his kind and loving father, Noodles.  Busybee is a very social cat, who is never far away.  He comes to the door to greet everyone who comes in!  If he’s not playing, he can be found by following his purring sounds to where he is cuddling with his friends, be them human or feline.  We are so happy to watch Busybee develop with his new family into the loving and snuggly cat we see the signs of already today.